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New products

Dynatec Apollo 2

Dynatec Apollo 2 is the best solution to make your vaping sessions unique with the VapCap. Thanks to its innovative method of heating and induction you will no longer need to use lighters and flames. The temperature obtained with Apollo 2 will be perfect and your hits will always bring out the best possible vapor. No more bad tastes or flimsy hits. Its use is very simple and fast. A few seconds to hear the classic snap of the hood, and your herbs are ready.

VapCap M 2020

The VapCap M 2020 has been improved in appearance and technical characteristics. The air flow has been improved and the cap and the brazier have been updated. In this way the vaping experience is improved and the waste of your herbs is optimized.

AirVape XS Go

AirVape XS Go stands out among all Airvape for its small size and incredibly attractive design. The ease of use is impressive, thanks to a single button you can change temperature settings and check the battery status. Weighing just over 50 grams, the Airvape XS Go is an extremely discreet and portable vaporizer.