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Firefly 2

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is smaller than its predecessor. As usual he entrusts the warming of herbs to a convection technology and the vaporizer is ready in less than 3 seconds, perhaps the fastest on the market. The finishes and materials used are of the highest level. To complete the features of this gem there is a dedicated App for smartphones that allows numerous customizations.


The fastest in heating

The Firefly 2 thanks to its advanced technology heats up in less than 3 seconds. An incredible speed compared to other vaporizers on the market. Your will always be ready thanks to the fastest heating speed of all.

Tactile sensors for steam on demand

Herbs and concentrates are heated by 2 tactile sensors. Just place 2 fingers on these sensors to activate the heating unit. This technology called on demand, allows to heat the contents of the combustion chamber only when it is really necessary. This will allow you to avoid waste and vaporize only when you are ready to shoot.

Interchangeable battery

The Firefly 2 uses a battery in a proprietary format that can easily be replaced (a second battery is supplied). This will allow you to always have a supply of energy with you to make your Firefly 2 work. You will practically never be without your vapor clouds.

Replaceable covers

Are you tired of the color of your Firefly 2? No fear! You can easily buy other covers of other colors and show off a new firefly 2. The cover is very easy to detach and magnetically reattaches to the body of the vaporizer.

100% convection

The Firefly 2's heating technology is completely convection-based. This means that the herbs and concentrates contained in the brazier will never come into contact with heat sources and this will give you the guarantee that combustion will never be triggered. Only pure steam!

App for complete session control

Thanks to the application installed on your smartphone, the Firefly 2 will allow you to customize your sessions in a precise and timely manner. You can act on temperatures and other settings that will make your sessions unique.

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Materiale Vaporizzabile
Erbe e Oli

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