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Dynavap VapCap M MY2018

Dynavap VapCap 

The VapCap is the completely steel version of the vaporizers of the famous American company. Its main feature, like all Vapcaps, is to vaporize your herbs through flame heating. This means that no consumption of batteries or power supply, a classic torch lighter is sufficient. Extremely compact, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

VapCap M 2018

Completely in medical grade steel

Vapcap M is completely made of medical grade steel. This makes it, as well as very beautiful aesthetically, resistant to wear and safe for health, not releasing substances harmful to health.

Improved air flow

Compared to the previous version the VapCap M has a redesigned air flow to improve the quality and freshness of the steam. The hole for adjusting the air flow was accentuated to improve its use.

Maximum portability

Its dimensions make it undoubtedly the smallest vaporizer on the market. It is 92mm long and fits comfortably in a small pocket. It is certainly among the most discreet and compact vaporizers you can have.

Easy to clean

The VapCap M is completely removable and all the components can be found among our spare parts. This feature makes it very easy to maintain and clean. In this regard, we recommend the specific product Limpuro (completely organic).

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Materiale Vaporizzabile
Erbe e Oli

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