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Boundless CFV

Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV is made by the American company for steam purists. Lovers of pure convection will find the maximum in terms of freshness and aroma in this model. The build quality is excellent and the multifunction display shows the information needed to enjoy your sessions.

Boundless quality

The Boundless CFV stands out for the classic quality of finishes that the American company is used to use in its vaporizers. Extremely portable and valuable materials are its strengths. The mouthpiece is interchangeable and supports the use of a micro bubbler for a water filtration system.

100% Convection

The CFV unlike the other Boundless models uses a pure convection heating technology, therefore it heats the herbs contained in the brazier without any risk of triggering the combustion. The steam obtained from the convection is recognized to be the best in terms of freshness and purity.

Multifunction display

The clear and clearly visible display of the CFV shows the set temperature and the temperature reached. With timely grading control, each session will be unique and perfect.

Data sheet

Materiale Vaporizzabile

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